our story

"German Shephard/Husky Mix"

sitting on our couch one morning senior year of college, my roommate and I decided for some reason it was a good idea to hop onto craigslist and get a dog. we saw this photo attached to a ‘free dog’ headline and clicked on it. his name was Frank. I replied to the posting that morning and we picked Frank up a few days later.that craigslist ad was the beginning to a decade-plus journey that Frank and I would go on, moving all over the country trying to figure out life together. and that journey is what ultimately led to Frank's Beer Shop

a guy and his dog slinging mediocre artwork

in 2018 I wanted an outlet to sell personal artwork, so I decided to exploit Frank’s face and namesake to launch Frnk Design Company. why is there no ‘a’ in Frnk? no idea. we started out selling small art prints of my work, some merch, and stickers of our original logo of Frank’s face that our friends would post up all around the country.

over the next couple of years, as Frank and I began to plant roots in Charlotte, we became more involved In the local art and market scene. we began selling larger art canvases, stickers, more merch and custom artwork. we spent our saturdays and sundays lugging our custom tent to breweries and markets around the city to sling our mediocre art. our artwork got displayed in bars and breweries. we collaborated with local small businesses. people around charlotte began to know Frnk, and Frank, and also thought my name was Frank (go figure).

as the years went on, I began thinking of how I could use what I had built with Frnk to jump into what had always been a dream of mine - my own brewery or bar.

frank's beer shop

coming soon