down by the river american pale ale

ABV: 4.8%

Hops: Simcoe

Label Story: when 2020 happened, leigha and i did what everyone else did - we bought a big white ford transit van. did we know how to build it out? absolutely not. we spent the next 6 months breaking our brains on youtube and blogs, trying to cut holes in the van, figuring out how to build shit out of wood, and electrocuting ourselves (me). we died of heatstroke working on it in my sister’s driveway throughout the summer and definitely scared some people from our apartment when i’d fire up a jigsaw in the parking garage. but finally after months of working on it, we finished it (mostly), and took it on our first overnight trip. we packed up the dogs and drove off to the only place you can take a newly converted van: down by the river (shoutout matt foley).

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