craigslist dog ipa

ABV: 7.1%

Hops: Nugget / Mosaic / Citra

Label Story: my roommate colin and i were sitting on our couch, hungover, midway through fall semester at ithaca college. we probably ventured over to dunbars in collegetown the night prior and had one too many $6 pitchers of whatever cheap beer they dumped in those things. anyway we hopped on craigslist and entered the dogs for sale section (because why not get a dog senior year of college). we stumbled onto this post with the title “German Shepherd/ Husky Mix (Ithaca)” and clicked on it. and that was the first time i ever saw frank, just as dopey at a year and a half old as he is now, sitting in a big pile of leaves with his head sticking out. he was a rescue, totally house-trained and totally free - too good to be true? i hit reply on the post and sent the following: “I would like to meet Franklin and see if he would be a good fit for our home. Thanks. -Joe.” the rest is history.

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